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Our Swiss distributors were in town and as we were showing them around, Mario was shooting video with his phone. Before we knew it, he'd made this lovely little video about his experience on the tour. We think it captures where we live and where we work very nicely.


We design. We build. We make changes. We add features. We tweak. We push ourselves as fast and as hard as we can to bring our individual and collective vision to the industry. We see every day not as a finish line, but the day we strive to push the bar even higher through innovation.

We believe we make a difference in the broadcast world.

We have ideas - some of which become products, some of which become blueprints for the way forward. We look at the broadcast community every day and evaluate the way it works and the way we work in it, always with a single objective – to improve things – the ways we work – the audio we hear – the ways we interact.


The excitement of being able to share with the industry what we’ve been working on is our driving force. We pull out all the stops and make sure we’re presenting the latest technology in the best possible way so that you – our broadcast community – can partner with us to implement it all.

Our reward is seeing the difference we make. Next to customer acceptance, nothing’s better for a manufacturer’s self-esteem than being recognized as the Broadcast Audio Perfectionists we set out to be, and receiving accolades from the industry with a 'job well done!' 


The Wheatstone Project

If you know anything about broadcast audio, you know Wheatstone. Even if you’re new to broadcasting, if you listen to radio or watch television, you’ve heard sound that goes through our products. And if you’ve been around for awhile, you may even have seen us at concerts, in music stores, or anywhere audio was happening. We were the guys at the hardstore stopping mid-aisle to turn an ear to the music being played over the PA system. And yes, that could have been us in the car next to you belting out lyrics while playing the air guitar. We’ve always been serious about audio.

We’re musicians and broadcasters and audio engineers. We’re audio enthusiasts to the very core and we’re totally committed to an idea that we call the Wheatstone project.

What started out as a console project in an old carriage house in rural Connecticut is now just about the biggest deal in console design and studio IP networking. At that time, our President and CEO Gary Snow, who is, predictably, a big-time audio enthusiast and has played in a few bands in his day, had been making small mixing boards for bands and production houses under the Audioarts brand name. His first multitrack console soon followed, going by the project name  “Wheatstone.” (For the curious, it was named for the Wheatstone Bridge, an electronic measurement device that symbolizes both precision and balance to an engineer.) The Wheatstone project has since made sweeping changes in the way stations operate and the way broadcasters think over the past 35 years -- it’s an idea that’s bigger than the sum total of our studio and audio processing product lines and even our 52,000 square-foot factory in New Bern, NC, that contains them all.

If you ask our friends and customers about Wheatstone, they’ll probably tell you we make serious on-air and production control surfaces for radio and television, including Audioarts mixing consoles, Pacific Research and Engineering mixing consoles, VoxPro audio editing systems, not to mention some pretty cool IP networking and routing systems and the one and only 31-band spectral audio processor for radio. But we know better. We’re the keepers of an idea that encompasses great design, great manufacturing and, yes, even a bit of heavy metal. We custom build and machine every single one of our consoles. We machine all our own console faceplates and mainframes from the best metal, make our own parts to exact tolerances whenever possible and use the very latest surface mount technology for zero defects all the time, every time. No second sourcing, no outsourcing, no exceptions.

When it comes to broadcast audio, sure we’re a little out there. But so are most of our customers who demand the very best in audio control and routing. 


WHEATSTONE CORPORATION offers engineering services in the field of hardware and software for the generation, control and distribution of multiple data signals over local and extended area digital networks. Let our sales engineers work with you to design your broadcast audio facility so it works the way you want it to. As Broadcast Audio Perfectionists, Wheatstone is up to the task, whether you need a simple two or three studio station, or are a broadcast conglomerate building a large regional complex with multiple stations and dozens and dozens of rooms.

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